SpamProtector Suite

Project Info:

Noone likes the spam mails. I was tolerating it but recently one of my mailboxes was attacked by scammers and I'm receiving over 1k spam each day. Configuring filters in my hosting provider was enough till the moment when they removed that functionality. I had to invent something new. Idea of this suite is very simply. Service is scanning mailbox and checking if the mail is spam or not, based on configured rules (by subject, by domain, by sender). The problem was that this approach is not enough because I lost control and possible important mails. Because of that there are services that are cataloging the spam and removing trash after given time.

Project Details:

  • Client:Personal project
  • Industry:Well Being
  • Technologies:C#, .NET 5.0, EFCore, MSSQL 2019, Microservices, RabbitMQ, Worker Services
  • Date from:August 2020
  • Date to:Now
  • URL: