PassStorage 2.0

Project Info:

Offline and safe password manager for Windows. App written in C# by using VS2017 / VS2019. It's completely offline. There is two factor login to get content. First password is needed to open application (password is saved in code as hash - used SHA512 algorythm), then user gives master password which is used to encode file content (RijndaelManaged algorythm was used) and it's not saved anywhere. When master password is wrong, everything will be ok but passwords will be wrong decoded.

Project Details:

  • Client:Personal project
  • Industry:Security
  • Technologies:C#, .NET Framework 4.6.1, WPF, MaterialDesignColors and MaterialDesignThemesEntity (WPF UI Frameworks), Framework 6, SqlLite
  • Date from:November 2017
  • Date to:Now
  • URL: