Learn and Play with Kinect

Project Info:

Motion sensors are electronic devices which allows to detect moving objects. The main purpose of such a motion detector is to perform a certain action e.g. detection of a thief in home or switching the lights. These devices are mainly known for non-complicated structure and their main job is predetermined. This situation has changed due to the engineers and designers of industrial electronic equipment.

This software was created for university thesis. The aim was to create an educational multimedia entertainment interface using touch-free sensor Microsoft Kinect. On the market there are many games available for the Xbox 360 console, which uses mentioned technology, still lacks educational games for children. An additional aim is to create a game that will be available for Microsoft Windows.

Project Details:

  • Client:Personal project
  • Industry:Entertainment
  • Technologies:C#, .NET Framework 4.0, XNA 4.0, Kinect SDK, Kinect for X360
  • Date from:January 2012
  • Date to:January 2014
  • URL:https://github.com/MarcinCze/LAPK